Anal sex is not necessarily the penetration of a member into the vagina, there are options. For example, in this position, it is enough for you to lie on your back, allowing your partner to saddle you (or saddle a partner lying on your back), and caress the anus. This position is good for rimming or experimenting with small toys. Just remember that anal toys should always have a stopper, because unlike the vagina, it is easy for a toy to get lost in the intestines.

Very deep penetration and comfortable position. You can kneel or just lean over a chair, table, chair. In general, according to the classics. You can put a pillow under your stomach to make it even more comfortable.

Silicone-based lube will make it easier for you to get anal penetration, even if you want to try to sit on top of him. Just do not forget that this particular position requires not only very slow actions, but also a thorough massage the day before.

Anal sex sometimes… divides us. We look in different directions, not at each other. But everything can change if you lie face to face and put a pillow and a roller under your hips. This position is a little more difficult than doggy style (specifically for anal sex), but who will stop you if you want to make eye contact with him?5

In this position, there is the least risk of damaging something. It is difficult to move sharply in it (but it is not necessary to move sharply), so often it is the position – lying like a dog – that is chosen as a starter for anal sex. And not in vain. Stainless (sorry, this is a stupid pun) classic is back with us.

If you want something more tender and intimate than the standard doggy style pose, try all the same, only standing. To do this, you need to warm up well and … well … warm up. Just snuggle up to your partner from behind and guide him inward with your hand.

If you like doggy style, you can lie on your chest, and your partner, in turn, should get on one knee, as if he wanted to propose to you. An offer you can’t refuse. He will also be comfortable in this position to caress your clitoris.

Another position from above – remember to sit on your cock very carefully if you dare to try anal sex in the cowgirl position. And remember that you can switch from vaginal to anal sex, but not vice versa.

The pose of the spoons is gentle and slow. It may not be ideal for anal sex, but you might like it if you fit in. Cuddle, point his hand to your clitoris if you feel like it – in this position it is quite comfortable.

If you are going to try something more yogic, what do you think about this idea? Place your legs in your partner’s arms, lie on your back and relax completely. This is an incredibly intimate pose where you will open up to your partner from new angles. Literally.


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