1. Do you have a good reason to escape the sun and stay in the shade and coolness of the room under jets of cool air from an air conditioner or fan.
  2. Afternoon sex leads to more intense orgasms than nocturnal sex because the peak of hormonal activity occurs at 3 pm. So the usual work schedule for most is built completely wrong. After dinner there should be a siesta!
  3. Which leads me to think: after afternoon sex, afternoon naps are good.
  4. The heat increases blood circulation, and hence the flow of blood to the necessary organs. This is also why our desires are stronger in summer.
  5. Seven sweats will come off both of you – and you will get the same healing effect as from the bath. What could be sweeter than after a good summer sex, take a cool shower, wrap yourself in a sheet and sit comfortably in a sun lounger, sipping cool juice and feeling like you just lost three kilograms?
  6. You have an excuse to eat your ice cream. After all, you should freshen up after active movements in the heat.
  7. Business before pleasure. By transferring love joys to the time between lunch and afternoon tea, you get the opportunity to walk until late on a warm, but not hot evening. Otherwise, you might not have made love that day, because you sat until late at night on the terrace of a summer cafe or were too tired walking along the melting asphalt.
  8. You don’t have to think about intimate lighting: the warm rays of the sun, breaking through the drawn curtains, create the desired effect themselves.
  9. Spending the hours when the risk of sunburn is highest in bed is to save your skin. Orgasm instead of redness, pain and a peeling back? Favorable exchange.
  10. All other summer activities can serve as a foreplay. Whether you are swimming and sunbathing, boating, or simply walking around your summer cottage half-dressed, the summer look is exciting in itself.