1. Only one in five women get enough vaginal stimulation.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Accordingly, everyone else needs something else. And that’s pretty sad, because often sex involves only the vaginal part.


2. Many need clitoral stimulation

A large study of over 5,000 women found that 36.6% knew they needed clitoral caress.

3. Distinguishing the two types can be difficult

You can also touch the clitoris indirectly — for example, during vaginal sex in some positions. After all, only a small part of it is visible from the outside. It is believed that stimulation of the inner part of the clitoris is a touch on the cherished G-spot.

4. Foreplay is a necessity, not a courtesy

In the aforementioned study of the female orgasm, many women commented on the importance of the preparatory period when arousal builds up.

5. All orgasms are different.

Orgasms can differ in intensity, sensations, degree of trust in a partner, and many other criteria.


6. Multi-orgasm is a reality

But it is difficult to experience it every time, and for some it never happens at all.

7. Some women have the most powerful orgasms — on critical days.

Of course, you (and your partner) have every right to hate sex during your period. But if you try, you can find out that it is then that the greatest pleasure awaits you.

8. Reboot isn’t just for men.

In women, for obvious reasons, this word has a different meaning: hypersensitivity after orgasm, which makes physical touch unpleasant for some time.

9. Some experience pain during orgasm.

This is called dysorgasmia, and it can be caused by a variety of things, from endometriosis to sexual trauma. Pain is not the norm for orgasm, so you should see a doctor.

10. Women can experience orgasms in their sleep.

Erotic dreams are visited by many, and «sleepy orgasms» occur even for those who do not expect it. So if you dreamed that you were having an orgasm, it might not just be a dream!

11. Nipple orgasms are real!

If a woman has sensitive nipples, she can be brought to orgasm only by stimulating them. Might be worth checking it out for yourself!


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